SECUR Ben’s Run Materials Management Facility

Serving the regional oil and gas industry with material separation, solidification and repackaging of solid and liquid wastes for offsite disposal.


  • WV-registered facility specially designed and constructed by SECUR for the management of gas and oilfield materials
  • Perma-Fix Environmental Services provides on-site certified analytical laboratory as well as access and coordination of services for their clients in the natural gas and oil industry
  • Dedicated, enclosed buildings for the management of solids, sludges and liquids for separation, solidification and repackaging for transport to offsite disposal facilities
  • All processing and storage areas have secondary containment to safeguard the environment
  • Workforce, which includes certified radiological professionals, is highly skilled and experienced in safe material handling practices
  • Easy truck access from WV State Route 2 into the 10-acre facility
  • Onsite CSX rail service allows materials to be shipped by rail rather than over the road to long-distance disposal facilities

Drawing upon 17 years of NORM/TENORM management experience to support SECUR with onsite, independent analytical services, radiological protection programs, and client services.

Ben’s Runs Industrial Park

160 Industrial Park Road

Friendly, WV 26146


Contact Melissa Adams

Facility Account Representative


or via Email for more information


  • 10,000-barrel storage and processing capacity for liquids separation and proper offsite disposal of residues
  • Tanker truck offloading system designed to move trucks quickly offsite


  • Large daily receipt capacity enables quick truck offloading and departure
  • Materials received are dewatered, solidified and repackaged for transport to offsite disposal facilities


  • Transportation Logistics—Trucks and Railcars

– Truck transport by roll-off, dump, tank truck, vacuum truck, flatbed,
intermodal chassis and other specialty equipment

– Rail transport using privately owned railcars for bulk or containerized shipments

  • Containers and Packaging

– Vacuum containers, roll-off containers and intermodal containers for truck and rail shipment of bulk solid and liquid materials

– DOT-certified intermodal containers for Class 7 Radioactive Waste

– Flexible packages specifically designed and engineered for the material types

The Ben’s Run Materials Management Facility is the first of its kind in West Virginia to accept and process TENORM-containing liquids, sludges, and solids.

Contact Melissa Adams, Facility Account Representative at
740-502-6039 or via EMAIL for more information.