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Rail-Truck-Marine and Intermodal Transportation

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We are experts in managing rail, truck, marine, and intermodal transportation systems to ship wastes and materials—including radioactive, hazardous, non-hazardous, and municipal solid waste materials from any point of origin to any destination in the world.

SECUR’s principals pioneered the development of the waste-by-rail industry in the 1980s and 1990s, helping to make it what it is today. Our extensive knowledge of the waste management and remediation industry—combined with our expertise in transport by rail, truck, marine and intermodal—allows us to create the best possible transportation solution for each project.

Having worked since 1981 with many industries, government facilities and project sites generating all types of wastes, we have experience in many types of situations. We use that knowledge to design the packaging and transportation of the specific waste material to complement your project, not hinder it.

Our years of experience also ensure that the correct package or container is chosen for the waste material it will contain and its transport method of truck, rail or marine. This is very important in order to have an incident-free transportation program.

In addition to the origin site requirements, it is imperative to understand both the logistical supply chain as well as the operations and capabilities of the origin and destination receiving facility. We have experience with providing container and bulk material handling and off-loading systems for origin and receiving facilities, which enables intermodal shipments to be received by non-rail-served facilities.

We also understand transport and project management. Having operated a fleet of thousands of railcars and waste intermodal containers, we know what it takes to manage and support your project and our SECUR project review and design protocol will ensure you are using the best solution available.

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Intermodal Containers & PACTEC® Logistical Solutions for Bulk Solid Material

The following types of containers and LiftPac® Flexible bags can transport from 4-65 cubic yards of material each.

SECUR Intermodal Container Option

  • Strong-Tight tarp containers
  • Industrial Packaging 1(IP-1) hard lid containers
  • Type A/7A hard-lid containers
  • Intermodal Vacuum Containers

Our fleet of intermodal containers and flexible packages transport any type of bulk solid or packaged material.  They can be transported by rail, truck and marine systems and are ideal for soils, sludges, rubble, metals, construction, and demolition debris.

Flexible Packaging System

The intermodal containers and Flexible Packages are user-friendly and have been successfully used in a variety of applications.  The design allows the user to load them in close proximity to the project site, improving efficiency and safety.  Cost savings also occur due to the larger capacity and reusable features versus a disposable metal container and one-way truck transport to the destination.

Our packaging and transport systems will bring value to your project.  All of our containers and flexible packages are fully tested and certified by the Department of Transportation and American Bureau of Shipping for transport, both domestically and internationally, by rail, truck and marine conveyance systems.

If your location is not rail served, our transload network can provide access to these safe and economical transport methods.

Rail Flatcars for Transport of Intermodal Containers for Bulk Solid Materials

The following rail flatcars can transport containers that are 20’ to 45’ in length.

  • Articulated Bulk Container (ABC) flatcar with 144 or 177-ton capacity
  • Rail flatcar with 100-ton capacity
  • Rail well flatcars for double-stack shipment

The equipment can transport from 2 to 8 containers per car.

Articulated Bulk Container Rail Flatcar (ABC Flatcar)

The ABC railcar allows for double-stacked bulk container shipments, and its articulated design allows it to be used on any rail siding or restricted rail track curvature.  Its increased carrying capacity provides an economical solution to any container transport project.

100 Ton and Well Rail Flatcars

The 100-ton rail flatcars and the well rail flatcars are also used to transport intermodal containers.

Gondola Railcar Transport Solutions for Bulk Materials

utilizes various types of gondola railcars for movement of bulk materials.  The gondola railcars range from 52’ to 65’ in length and have a carrying capacity of 140,000 pounds to 220,000 pounds of net weight.  The cars are serviced and inspected to guarantee they arrive at your location in ready-to-use condition for your project.

Gondola railcars with low sides for higher density materials

  • Construction debris
  • Scrap metal
  • Soils
  • Low Density materials
  • Large or bulky items
  • Flexible packages
Logistical Solutions for Liquid Materials

SECUR can provide the proper match of equipment to your materials by determining linings, size, capacity, and capabilities to fulfill your requirements.  We have the experience to take your material description, MSDSs, or waste profiles, and match it to the correct transportation equipment.

Intermodal tank containers offer the most versatility for transportation – they can go from truck to rail or to marine applications without transferring the contents.

Rail tank cars are the most efficient for transporting large quantities of liquids, and can also be loaded from trucks, intermodal tanks at transfer stations or storage tanks.

Each of these conveyance methods is available in various sizes, linings, capacities, loading and discharge configurations, as well as heat capabilities,  Regardless of the material type or origin/destination requirements, SECUR has the solutions you require for your bulk liquid shipments.

Heavy Duty Flatcar Solutions for Cargo Shipments

SECUR has the expertise and access to rail equipment to provide seamless transportation for large and/or overweight/over-dimensional cargo.  The equipment we use and our integrated services provide customers with the most economical method to transport these items.

The SECUR team will evaluate your shipment requirements at the origin, destination and transport route.  A rail approved securement plan will be developed and the technical services team will execute the plan.  All services required to transport your cargo will be engineered and provided to ensure a safe and damage free delivery.

Cargo/machinery solutions offered:

  • Able to secure any type of heavy railcar for your specific requirements
  • Perform sensitive movements, i.e. radioactive contaminated or high security
  • Experts in tie-down and securement options
  • Perform all clearance evaluations
  • Provide transportation plans
  • Provide specialized route plans
  • Provide lifting and rigging
  • Provide tie-down, blocking and bracing drawings, and execution

The unique equipment, techniques, and extensive transload expertise, allow us to provide access to rail transport, whether or not the origin or destination is rail served. By incorporating our logistics experience and transload network to complete your shipment, we can move your shipment anywhere in the world.

Gondola Low-Sided Railcar Solutions for Cargo Shipments

SECUR uses low-sided gondola railcar as an effective method for transport of cargo or over-dimensional/overweight items.  Its 52’ inside length and 5 1/2 ‘ inside height provide a secure system for your large cargo transport requirements.

The car design features allow for the proper securement of the cargo for damage free delivery.  These features will save time and expense as well as improve safety by reducing material handling or size reduction requirements by your personnel.

  • 220,000 lb. net weight capacity
  • Provides unique capabilities traditionally not used for machinery or cargo
  • All required services to properly complete your shipment are engineered and executed by the SECUR technical services team.