PACKAGING — Waste Packaging Products Overview

SECUR’s principals pioneered the development, testing and certification for many types of innovative containers and flexible packaging systems used in the waste industry today. They introduced the DOT certified IP-1 intermodal waste container in the 1990s that was built under an NQA-1 quality program and is capable of being transported by rail, truck, and marine transport.

Other innovative designs included large capacity intermodal containers with and without lead shielding that can be transported by rail and truck, as well as expanding the use of flexible packaging for environmental restoration projects of all types.

Our hands-on experience in packaging wastes of all types and forms will work to your advantage when choosing the proper container or package for the project. Our hands-on experience and lessons learned will be a benefit for your project. We sell and lease the following types of containers and packaging systems.

Metal packaging products available in various DOT and International certifications:

  • Intermodal containers of various types, sizes and configurations.
  • IP-1 certified intermodal container with one-piece, removable hard lid.
  • IP-1 certified intermodal roll-off container with rolling hard lid.
  • Open-top intermodal containers with tarp top.
  • Custom-manufactured metal packages for large objects and over-dimensional shipments by truck, rail or marine.
  • Standard and custom-configured ISO cargo containers for waste packaging, storage, shipment, and disposal.
  • Intermodal burial containers. Shipping containers that are designed and built for the project’s requirements so they can be shipped compliantly and disposed of with their contents.

Flexible packaging products available in various DOT and International certifications

FLEXIBLE PACKAGING — Available in various DOT and International certifications

  • Flexible packaging in various shapes and sizes for packaged or drummed waste materials.
  • Flexible packaging in various shapes and sizes for bulk waste materials.
  • Custom-sized and shaped bags for large objects or over-dimensional shipments.
  • Roll-off containers with either hard lid or tarp tops.
  • Intermodal Vacuum Containers

PACKAGING — Consulting Services

The appropriate packaging system not only improves efficiency and safety but also reduces costs. Our consulting services draw upon decades of experience in developing and providing packaging solutions that don’t just work but work extremely well. We collaborate with you to determine your project’s parameters and the wastes that are to be packaged and transported. Our years of “lessons learned”—working with all waste types and various project sites—have given us the knowledge to guarantee that your project is successful.

A good indicator of our expertise is our success in revolutionizing how the wastes at a nuclear power plant’s decommissioning site were packaged and transported for final disposition. Through the introduction and use of specialty IP-1 certified intermodal containers manufactured and certified for use in the industry, SECUR’s principals changed the industry’s use of small metal boxes loaded with size-reduced material to containers that are 500% larger and reusable, thereby allowing for less handling and sizing of materials.

Our principals’ success in introducing these new containers helped to accelerate the cleanup of many major sites. At the same time, it provided the sites and contractors with significant cost savings and improved safety and ALARA benefits.

Our unique experience can benefit your project by ensuring that you choose the correct container or other packaging product to achieve your project’s goals.

Some of our services include:

  • Waste material characterization review and consultation service to choose the correct packaging option for your specific project requirements and the transportation methods to be employed.
  • Strategic planning to ensure that the most cost-effective and best packaging and transport option is engineered into the project or process operation design, rather than added as an afterthought.
  • Container and packaging design and supply services for custom shapes, shielding requirements or for use with a specific purpose or design feature.
  • Sourcing and supply of the required packaging or containers, including:
    • Metal Containers
    • Intermodal Containers
    • Cargo Containers
    • Flexible Packaging

PACKAGING — Products Leasing and Sales

SECUR has unparalleled experience in the packaging and containerization of wastes, enabling us to supply packaging solutions that are custom-tailored and SECUR-approved to fit your specific needs.

We have a growing fleet of new, purpose-built, intermodal shipping containers available for use, and we lease and sell all types and sizes of containers and packaging products: intermodal waste containers, cargo containers, flexible packaging, and specialized or custom-built containers for radioactive, hazardous, non-hazardous and municipal solid waste materials.

The DOT certified IP-1 intermodal container we sell and lease is ideal for soils, sludges, concrete, construction and demo debris, metals, and other bulk or packaged material.

We also offer equipment finance and lease-back programs designed to meet the needs of those that require intermodal containers and/or rail cars for longer-term projects and prefer to use a lease for the equipment, rather than tying up capital long term.

Assistance on any size project is available. Contact us for a no-obligation analysis of your requirements.


Intermodal Container Solutions for Bulk Solid Materials

SECUR provides more options for packaging your materials than any other company in the industry.  Our fleet of intermodal containers, railcars, and flexible packages can provide any type of US DOT and American Bureau of Shipping certified package you require for your shipment.

The containers and flexible packages can be used for any Bulk Solid, Packaged Material or Cargo that can be placed into it and can be shipped by rail, truck, and marine conveyance systems.

Industrial Packaging 1 (IP-1) Intermodal Containers
Strong-Tight Tarp Containers
Type A/7A Hard-Lid Containers

  • The Bulk material containers listed above can transport any type of material or waste that can be placed in them.
  • Depending on the US DOT classification of the material and your requirements we recommend and supply the proper container for the job.
  • The containers are ideal for soils, sludge, rubbles, metals, and construction/demolition debris.
  • The containers can be loaded from the top or end, which provides flexibility for your material handling requirements.

Intermodal Vacuum Containers

An intermodal vacuum container provides a method of containing solid or semi-solid material that is being removed through the use of a vacuum system. The container is installed in-line and the vacuumed material is deposited into the container for containment and shipment.

Complementary PACTEC Products for Secur Solutions

PACTEC’s Form-Fit Disposable Container Liners

The TransLiner is a disposable polyethylene container liner with a customizable design that ensures a form fit, every time. Designed to help transport solids and sludge wastes safely and securely, the TransLiner design positions the liner seals outside of the container to provide exceptional leak protection. The TransLiner may also be fitted to cover the load which aids in dust and odor control.






  • Roll-off containers
  • End dump trailers
  • Lugger boxes
  • Rail Gondolas


  • Seals outside the container for leak protection
  • Available in many standard sizes and different mil thicknesses
  • Patented, form-fit design


  • Easy installation
  • Reduced washout costs
  • Odor and freeze control
  • Extended container life


PACTEC’s Large Container Industrial Waste Bags

The TransPac® limits worker exposure, offers quick-and-easy installation, reduces clean out costs, and requires minimal storage space. Customized options include multiple spouts, open top, open end, and a patented zipper closure. The standard TransPac is constructed of a woven polymeric fabric and can be designed to handle asbestos, high-heat materials, powders and odorous materials.




  • Asbestos
  • Powders
  • Odorous Materials
  • High Heat Applications
  • Metal Shavings and Sludges


  • Patented zipper closure makes installation quick and easy
  • Prevents discharge of airborne dust
  • May be lined for wet applications
  • Spouted TransPac can be loaded by vacuum or gravity or gravity feed systems


  • Labor and cost savings over smaller waste packaging
  • E-Z installation
  • Storage savings
  • Increased loading speed
  • Helps in odor reduction


Intermodal Tank Containers and Rail Tank Car Solutions for Liquid Materials

SECUR provides options for the packaging of your bulk liquid materials.

The following options are available for your specific material type.

Intermodal Tank Containers

  • A tank container offers the most versatility for transport of your liquid cargo. It can be transferred between truck, rail and marine conveyance systems without off-loading the contents.
  • Tank containers are available in various sizes with many types of linings, heating systems, and loading or off-loading configurations to meet your specific requirements.

Our Technical Service support will ensure that you have the correct container for your materials’ characteristics.

Rail Tank Cars

  • A rail tank car offers the most efficient method of safe and economical transport of your bulk liquid materials.
  • Through the use of our Transload network, we can utilize rail tank cars to ship materials anywhere that rail and truck service exist.
  • Tank cars are available in various sizes with many types of linings, heating systems, and loading or off-loading configurations to meet your specific requirements.
  • Our Technical Service support will ensure that you have the correct tank car for your materials’ characteristics.
LIFTPAC® Flexible Package Solutions for Bulk Solid Materials

The LiftPac® is supplied through PACTEC.  The product is patented by the US Patent office and has been used successfully in a variety of projects for thousands of shipments and on-site applications.

  • The LiftPac® flexible bulk bag system comes in various sizes and weight capacities.
  • The performance-engineered industrial fabric used to manufacture the LiftPac® is highly resistant to tears and abrasions, making it ideal for soils, debris or aggressive materials.
  • The LiftPac® system is also ideal for containment and disposal of bulk materials. Due to its flexible design, it is compactible in a landfill eliminating any subsidence that could result from wood or metal boxes breaking down after burial.
  • LiftPacs® are certified to an Industrial Packaging 1 (IP-1) and Industrial Packaging 2 (IP-2).
  • The LiftPacs® can be double-stacked in a high-side gondola car to maximize the shipment weight.
  • The easy-to-use loading and lifting frames provide a movable loading platform that allows you to locate them in close proximity to your loading location.

PACTEC’s Flexible Packaging / FIBC’s

The LiftPac® is a certified IP-1 flexible package for all forms of materials such as soils, gravel, demolition debris, metal and single solid items such as metal containers. The LiftPac® is a certified IP-2 flexible package for homogenous ‘flowable’ solids that may include soil, gravel and demolition debris. Manufactured of heavy-duty woven and non-woven polypropylene with patented zipper closures, the LiftPac gives users a safe and secure way to store, transport and dispose of a variety of wastes. Easily transported by rail, flatbed, dump truck, intermodal containers, and barges.





  • Store, transport, and dispose of flowable solids and debris
  • Approved for LLW and VLLW waste
  • Replaces metal and wooden boxes


  • Easy to handle, load and store
  • One piece design for easy use
  • Flexible design compacts easily
  • Custom designs available


  • Reduces landfill subsidence
  • One-time fixed cost eliminates rentals
  • Patented zipper closure are safer and faster than conventional methods.



PACTEC’s Self-Standing UN Rated Bulk Bag

PacTec, Inc.’s LiftPac is the only self-standing zipper-top hazardous waste bag on the market. This cubic yard bag is the perfect solution for disposal of household hazardous waste, contaminated PPE, and a variety of other applications. The LiftPac walls are constructed of rigid corrugated fiberboard allowing the bag to be self-standing, while the glued in 6 mil PE liner provides ultimate leak protection. It contains the equivalent of four 55-gallon drums at significant savings in cost and storage space. They are lightweight, easy-to-assemble, versatile and can easily be lifted by forklift with attached loops.



  • Household Hazardous Waste
  • Lab Packing
  • Contaminated PPE
  • Asbestos and other dusts
  • Wastewater treatment sludges
  • Contaminated soil (wet or dry)


  • Un-Rated “X” for packaging Groups I, II, III
  • Cardboard sidewall supports hold bag open for easy filling
  • Patented zipper closure
  • Resistant outer layer


  • Self-contained multi-layer unit
  • Superior to stapling boxes to pallets
  • Lightweight and compact at 3’x3’x3’
  • Lower disposal costs as compared to 55-gallon drums
  • Collapsible for easy storage.
Gondola Railcar Lining and Top Cover Solutions for Bulk Solid Material

Our manufacturing partner, PACTEC, also manufactures the premier gondola railcar lining and top closure system in the industry.

These products have been used successfully in a variety of projects for thousands of shipments of bulk soils and debris.

PACTEC’s Railcar Liners

RailPac® ensures the safest transportation of contaminated waste materials with a form-fit design to keep our liners securely in place. Manufactured from your choice of extruded or woven polymeric fabrics, these liners and tarps are designed for your railcar’s exact specifications and custom sizes are always available. The patented zipper ensures quick and easy installation and closure and can be fitted with a tamper indication device to deter unauthorized access.




  • Construction Debris
  • Contaminated Soil
  • Sludges


  • Patented zipper closure
  • Form fit design
  • Made of woven polyethylene to handle a variety of waste streams


  • Install in minutes
  • Ability to incorporate a tamper-resistant device
  • Patented closure method saves time and money
  • Top cover keeps out rain and snow
LSA/SCO Wraps and Overpacks Solutions for Overweight or Oversize Cargo Material
  • This flexible wrap can be certified as the package to container large objects or items that require containment for shipping.
  • This flexible package has been provided for many shipments and items ranging in size from large motors to complete rail cars.
  • Applicable US DOT regulations concerning shipments of SCO (surface contaminated objects) are achieved through the use of this product.
  • This project-specific custom designed and manufactured solutions can accommodate any shape or size item.


PACTEC’s LSA/SCO Wraps & Overpacks

Our engineers are skilled at developing your project design requirements into practical products for items of any size or shape. PacTec’s extensive variety of materials for custom wraps, covering systems and overpacks are tested and project-proven, and our turnaround time is the best in the industry. Because we know the safe transport of SCO (surface contaminated object) and LSA (low specific activity) materials is your top priority, we make providing cost- effective, regulatory-compliant packaging ours.



  • Surface Contaminated objects
  • Low Specific Activity material
  • Irregular / Large equipment
  • Pressure vessels


  • Durable industrial fabrics
  • Industrial zipper closure system
  • Can incorporate a tamper indication device


  • Customized to fit
  • Prompt manufacturing lead time
  • Reduce worker exposure
  • Regulatory compliant packaging