Metal Solutions Design and Fabrication is a leader in metal container design and fabrication for radioactive wastes and hazardous materials, as well as many specialty application containers, packages and more. Their in-house design and engineering, 3D software modeling and prototype development, NQA-1 quality assurance programs, product testing and manufacturing, make them unparalleled in the industry.

This strategic partnership provides SECUR’s customers with seamless access to standard and specialty containers of various sizes and certifications. In addition to the large array of standard containers, Metal Solutions has designed, tested and manufactured more than 40 specialty containers, equipment boxes, lead and steel shielded containers, LSA and grout style containers and shipping fixtures. They have more than 80 container designs and a “Quick Ship” program of standard IP-1containers.

  • Industrial package 1 (IP-1) (IP-2) (IP-3) containers
  • 7A Type A containers
  • Specialty containers
  • Fissile rated containers
  • Shielded containers