PACTEC is the leader in the design and manufacturing of flexible packaging for hazardous and radioactive wastes around  the globe. Their in-house engineering, research  and development, quality control, NQA-1 program, product testing, extensive certifications and 15-plus US and British patents merge with their three manufacturing plants and distribution facilities to provide products and services that are second to none.

PACTEC products feature patented zipper closures that are safer and faster than other  methods that utilize ties to close and secure for shipping. We can also custom design any type of package or over-dimensional packages required, and provide drawings or prototyping for review before manufacturing begins.

  • LiftPacTM flexible packages in I P-1 and I P-2 certifications
  • LiftPac™ flexible packages for  hazardous wastes
  • MacroBag for  macro-encapsulation of wastes requiring this method of treatment for  disposal of radioactive lead
    solids, circuit boards and low level mixed waste debris
  • NucPac® flexible packages- IP-1, IP-2, LSA and SCO Overpacks for surface contaminated objects, low
    specific-activity material, irregular or  large equipment and pressure vessels
  • RaiiPac® railcar liners  and top  covers for lining and covering gondola railcars for waste shipping
  • TransPac® waste bags for  containers and  dump trucks; various sizes and  configurations available, including IP-1 certification.