SECUR is a woman-owned small business that supports the environmental remediation, waste management and hazardous materials industries by providing rail, truck and marine transportation, packaging products, intermodal containers and technical services to properly manage, contain and ship waste and hazardous materials generated from any type of decommissioning, site closure, remediation project, municipal generation or manufacturing production process.

What sets us apart? Quite simply, our experience

Our involvement in all facets of the waste management, remediation, waste packaging and waste transportation and logistics industries has given us a unique expertise and perspective for the management, transport and disposal of wastes of all types.

LOGISTICS — Waste Transportation and Logistical Solutions

Our team’s in-depth knowledge of the radioactive, hazardous and non-hazardous waste industries and the materials they generate—combined with our expertise in logistics and waste packaging systems—allows us to blend the most appropriate packaging and transportation resources on a project-specific basis.

The experience of this team goes back over 35 years with hands-on work remediating, managing and transporting millions of tons of waste materials from many different industry and government facilities.   Starting in 1981, our waste management and logistics experience created many waste industry firsts. In 1994 SECUR’s founders, Jennifer and John Evanko, established MHF Logistical Solutions, a successful rail transport, asset-based logistics company.  Their pioneering use of rail and intermodal transportation services, innovative packaging options and transfer facilities for wastes of all types are still in use more than 20 years later.

Now that expertise is provided by SECUR, the waste logistical solutions
provider with the time-tested solutions

PACKAGING — Waste Containers, Packaging & Equipment Solutions

SECUR supplies the containers, packaging and rail transport equipment necessary for your projects, thereby providing you with more options to achieve your goals. We have a growing fleet of new, purpose-built, intermodal bulk waste shipping containers available for use. We lease and sell all types and sizes of containers and packaging products, including intermodal waste containers, cargo containers, flexible packaging, and specialized or custom-built waste containers for radioactive, hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials.

TECHNICAL  —  Consulting & Technical Services Solutions

SECUR has unparalleled experience designing and implementing packaging, material handling, logistical solutions and technical services that support your project goals. Too often, the packaging and transport functions of a project are thought of after the remediation or decommissioning plans have been developed. By using the SECUR planning process, those functions can be brought to the forefront and executed in conjunction with the plan. In many cases, this has served to accelerate the project goals while lowering costs and improving safety.

Isn’t it time to put our experience to your advantage?